Average Marks of Lowest ID Student

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Consider this C# Program. It reads lines from the standard input and and does some processing on them by calling processData.

The input is being read in from a file called input.txt, in this format:

22, Data Structures, 45
23, English, 52
22, English, 51
26, Data Structures, 72
23, Data Structures, 61
24, English, 81
Each line consists of three fields "Student ID," "Subject," and "Marks." "Student ID" and "Marks" are integers and "Subject" is a string that does not contain commas or newlines. There can be any number of students and up to 6 subjects.

Currently, the existing program reads the input, puts it into a data-structure, and calls a function/method processData on it. processData returns an integer that is printed to the output file. Unfortunately, processData currently does not do anything useful - it just returns 0.

You have to modify processData to compute the average marks scored across all subjects by the student with the lowest ID.

If your program is run with the input given above, it should print 48 because that is the average of the marks received by the student with ID 22 (which is the lowest ID).

Please make sure of the following:

Please download this C# Program and change it to create your program, and submit your changed program as your answer. If you try to write your own program from scratch, it will take longer, and will probably not work.
All your changes must be inside processData. Do not make any changes to the rest of the program
Make sure that processData returns the correct value
Do not print anything extra to the output. Any unnecessary output will result in a program disqualification.
Copy paste the entire updated program in the space below. You must submit a full, working, program. Please compile, run, and check the output of your program before submitting it.

Answers please using C# and follow this template:
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;

/* Don't change anything here.
* Do not add any other imports. You need to write
* this program using only these libraries

namespace Program
public class Program


private static int processData(IEnumerable<string> lines)
* Do not make any changes outside this method.
* Modify this method to process `array` as indicated
* in the question. At the end, return the appropriate value
* Do not print anything in this method
* Submit this entire program (not just this function)
* as your answer
return 0;


static void Main(string[] args)
int retVal = processData(File.ReadAllLines("input.txt"));
File.WriteAllLines("output.txt", new []{"" + retVal});
catch (IOException ex)


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it was very helpful, thanks for your posting!

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