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Functional tests for each component:

(a) Camera:
1. Quality of the picture
2. Quality of the picture when objects are in motion
3. Coverage of the picture. Upto what distance does the camera cover/not (range)
4. Quality at different time intervals (morning, evening- diff lightings)
5. Picture quality at different weather conditions - foggy, rainy season
6. Interval of taking 2 pictures
7. Power requirements to keep the camera running

(b) Embedded system
1. Speed of transmission
2. What if server is down, are pictures retransmitted? Upper limit for retrial
3. What if camera stops working? Does it keep resending the last picture taken?
4. Are the pictures data & timestamped while sending? (maybe this is for the OCR)
5. Power req to keep this running
6. Queue limit of pictures to be sent to the server (in case the server is down abruptly)

(c) OCR server
1. Saving format of the picture
2. Are the pictures compressed?
3. Date and time stamped?
4. Retrival of a picture from the database - given a date & time range

Interface tests:
1. Format of the image sent from camera to embedded system is defined, so if camera is changed later and same format is used, the system still works
2. Similarly between embedded system and OCR

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