Amazon Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

Team: Amazon Local
Country: United States
Interview Type: Phone Interview

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1. The text box is allowing to enter anything and everything
2. Result is appropriate (related to search string).
3. The auto populate is available
4. Auto correct is shown in results page if typed wrongly.
5. the button is click able.
6. The enter key also should be taken as submit button equal
7. The search string should be passed as all the strings default to all available google tabs like youtube, image, maps and etc (all applicable).
8. The google search engine site should be up.
9. If not a valid string then results should say that the results is not available.
10. The results should map with the string searched.

- SS August 10, 2012 | Flag Reply
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UI -
- Page loads successfully
- Search box available
- Search button displayed and enabled
- Keyboard input focus on searchbox by default
- Auto suggest available

- user is able to key in the input/ copy paste the input using keyboard/mouse
- Result is available on click of Search button
- In Ajax search, the results is displayed - as- you- type
- In case of wrong input, the auto suggest feature is shown.
- Different categories of inputs must be provided, i.e. image, text, video, book, live streaming etc.
- no result found message when the results are not available in google data base
- Search result shall have the input highlighted in the summary section
- Search result shall also display the last timestamp you visited that page.
- +1 button display

- Asheesh August 26, 2012 | Flag Reply
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- Dimension of text box
- color of text box
- visibility
- it allow typing
- font size after typing the text, and color of text
- copy and pest text in textbox
- sound while typing
- check the same on different browser
- check the same on different devices
- check the same on diffrent OS

- textbox allowing anything but everything to enter
- search a valid data and match the same if proper results are shown
- search a single char
- search more then one char data
- search a very huge string of data
- copy and pest the text into text box and search it
- while typing suggestion are shown
- wrongly typed text should be given a suggstion for correct one.
- search while there is not cache for the same text searched
- search when there is cache for the same text
- check the same on different browser, devices, os etc.
- search special char string
-search char in different language
- search diffrent UTF char
- search combination of language
- Result should map with the searched string
- search based on the state and country
- search based on language
- When there is no n/w connection
- Search on 2g/3g/wifi
- No result found when there is no result available
- Sarch result should display last you visited the page

- chek for how much time page loads after hitting search
- Create millions virtual user and try searching a text and check for performance

- Manoj June 05, 2016 | Flag Reply

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