Amazon Interview Question for Software Engineer / Developers

Team: SDE
Country: India
Interview Type: In-Person

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Ecommerce is the selling and buying of product over the internet

Issues: -
1. Finding out the popularity of product.
2. Security & Privacy - Visitors are skeptical of releasing financial details online.
3. Server Unavailability.

- Jasmeet February 06, 2012 | Flag Reply
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privacy: information must be kept from unauthorized parties.

integrity: message must not be altered or tampered with.

authentication: sender and recipient must prove their identities to each other.

non-repudiation: proof is needed that the message was indeed received.
Some solutions:
Digital Certificates - How does a customer know that the website receiving sensitive information is not set up by some other party posing as the e-merchant? They check the digital certificate
Secure Socket Layers

- pranav February 22, 2012 | Flag Reply
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1. Security.
2. Transaction management.
3. attractive look and feel and very user friendly.
4. Layered of services

- satyajit Kumar Sethy August 25, 2012 | Flag

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