Microsoft Interview Question for Program Managers

Team: Visual Studio
Country: United States
Interview Type: In-Person

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The question is very open ended. Its upto the candidate to decide the level of details he/she wants to cover.
I would have started on a very high level.
As a startup I will consider the following buckets:
1) In simple words what should the online music player do? what is the intent of this app?
2) Who will be the users? - are we going to target a demographic zone, an indusy - Bollywood/Hollywood or genre?
3) For which platforms do we want to build this for - android, mac, windows?
4)What will be the source for the songs - already existing websites - free or paid or create a repository of our own?
5) Feature set didvided into two buckets: essentials and specials.
Essentials being the basic features any online player should have and special being the unique selling point for our app.
6) Revenue generation and success criteria.

- Milo June 01, 2013 | Flag Reply
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Controller Question for Kids – 
1.	What sort of controller?
2.	What age group of kids?
3.	Design
a.	Mode – one or multiple, i.e. Simple, Medium, Easy (considering age groups)
b.	Basic or technical
c.	Long or small
d.	Color
e.	Wireless or Wired?
f.	How many keys?
g.	3D, or virtual imaging or Gesture recognition
4.	Durability
a.	Unbreakable
b.	Water proof
c.	Key strength (for longer usage)
d.	Key durability (for longer usage)
e.	Pressing buffer quality
5.	Cost
6.	Mode of Energy
a.	Electricity
i.	220 AV
b.	Battery power
i.	Stand-by usage
ii.	Usage in one full charge
iii.	Charging time (from Zero-full)
7.	Performance Tests
a.	# of keypresses per seconds
b.	Life span key pressing
c.	Right/Left hand support
d.	Stress Tests – for usage, breaking, water, battery.
e.	Range tests (for Wireless)
8.	Accessibility tests
a.	For blind or color blinds
b.	Vibrator features
c.	Embossed keys for better sensitivity

Online Music Player
1.	Audience
a.	Geography
i.	National 
ii.	International
b.	Age Group
i.	Youngs
ii.	Adults
iii.	Olds
2.	Language
a.	All
b.	Hindi only
c.	Regional
3.	Type of Songs
a.	Regional
b.	Film
c.	Pop
d.	Romantic
e.	Private albums
f.	Genre
g.	Artists
h.	Concerts
4.	Payment
a.	Paid service or free
5.	Type of Song play
a.	Download-n-play
b.	Online buffering
c.	Offline content
d.	Live content
6.	Social features
a.	Like
b.	Share
c.	Third party integrations
d.	Email
7.	Other features
a.	Related Videos
b.	Upload
c.	Download
d.	Channels
e.	Search/Browse
f.	Quality – normal/HD
g.	Watch it later
h.	Tagging
8.	USP feature
a.	Recording your own content
b.	“ListenToThis” – Send a song to be listened over whatsapp, email/sms to a friend and ask for feedback
c.	Reply to “b”
d.	Antakshari over Music Player
e.	Promote own Video
f.	Create albums
g.	1000 hours of free music
h.	Allow Copyrighting of content
i.	Music related Quiz programs
j.	Music listening analytics of you and your friends and a suggestion list based on that
i.	Gauging mood
ii.	Gauging favorite genre, or a favorite artist, albums
iii.	What your friends are listening as of now. 

- Asheesh July 15, 2015 | Flag Reply

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