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Income tax is based on certain rules. For ex, if married then give this deduction, if women then deduct x from gross/net , if invested in housing-loan (mortgage) etc. Overall the application is running a group of rule under each section. It would also be evaluating people for various bands. Hence the application is based on rule-engine kind of functionality.

To design an application of this type, i would hence evaluate rule-engine frameworks that are available/customisable/or need to be built. This would then be built to work/plugged-into my webapplication.

The application will also need to take inputs on investments (fixed deposits interest accrued etc) from various banks,insurance companies etc. Hence it will need to process EOD, EOM, EOY batch processes with inputs from those institutions.

The application should be having reporting functionalities to indicate what info is being tracked for a given person's PAN ID. Hence it would have a reporting module. Probably a nosql database like Hadoop could work well for this distributed batch framework and data reports using map-reduce.
The application itself would be catering to huge amount of users ,banks and other institutions, spread across the country. Hence it will need to be distributed across servers with proper distributed databases that bring down the manual / programing efforts involved in data replication, mirroring or response timeframes. However the data itself could be of a dated type. That is tax details is shown as of xxx date. Hence replication is important though not of a immediate priority.

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