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Country: United States
Interview Type: In-Person

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We can structure testing Bing Search:
1. BVT
2. UI Testing
3. Functional Tesitng
a) Data correctness
b) Advanced search option
c) Search based on locale
d) Modify search tools such as filter etc
e) Offline mode
4. Usability Testing
5. Load and Stress
6. Search content relevance testing based on keyword search and result shown

On this pattern you can easily start writing test cases such as:
1. Test home page content and cursor is at the text box to let you start typing.
2. If a keyword is searched make sure result displayed on the top links, should have those keyword on their webpages, verify by visiting the links to make sure it works
3. Search a keyword with 'I am feeling lucky' and make sure the content is most relevant.
4. Test max and min length of search text box
5. When you search, just type few words with incorrect spelling or incomplete word, verify that it gives you a suggestion. Validate suggestion link redirects you with result of correct keyword search.

And so on...

- Mukhtar Ahmed June 10, 2013 | Flag Reply
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Very good answer! +1 point.
Besides, for the first test case, it should include tests for the categories, images and links on the homepage.
Then, in the search result test, it should include tests for categories and time filters.

- jeevanhu July 29, 2013 | Flag
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Order in which result are displayed should be tested.... i.e. page ranking logic

- Vikas September 21, 2013 | Flag Reply
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1. Check search text box is active & cursor is present on it.
2.Check search button is present or not.
3.After entering string it dispalys correct result
4.check maximum length or minimum length of search string with incorrect spellings
6.after entering string is should display different suggestions

- s.chaudhari84 October 16, 2013 | Flag Reply

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