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I would think that firstly even while typing the text, system would perform "Auto Suggest" and display the actual word.

Once I submit the search, system could first search the Cache to retrieve entire records relevant to women sandal. Cache inturn could be designed such that products and offers related to women sandal is present.

Also the cache is populated using frequently searched products, considering user preferences and also his past orders(Heuristics)

After displaying cache, I would think system then queries the main DB to fetch remaining records (only if user wishes to see further pages of products ).

Besides getting product data, system could same time retrieve relevant offers, availability and other such params

Corner case if user is searching for a non-existent or unmatched string, system retrieves the data based on 'similarities' logic or plainly can say no data found.

Technically, to retireve these data, there will be services that query from various local and redundant data storage (using a Map Reduce logic) and consolidate the results in UI.

For fault tolerance, if due to any reason user search is incomplete (say site is down or lost net connection or no matching exists at that point) , system can treat this request as a batch job (async) and prepare and store the results to be shown later when system is back.

Say when there is enormous data related to women sandals, compressed tries can be used to create and index the data.

Cache can be simply memcache (for limited data) or implemented using other caching mechanisms such as pagination etc.

Let me know ur thoughts

- rsumankumar February 21, 2018 | Flag Reply
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I would think that cache only will be used unless this is more of an advanced and specific search.
I would also assume that some recommender mechanism will kick in, considering the specific user profile: his/her personal information, history of purchasing other similar identified users etc.

- Arie March 05, 2018 | Flag Reply

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