Amazon Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

Country: United States
Interview Type: Phone Interview

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1. Try to send the friend request from the user profile.
2. Try to send friend request from friend suggestion list by direct clicking on add as friend button/link.
3. Try to send a friend request to that guy who has mutual friends.
4. Try to add those guys who doesn't have any mutual friends.
5. Try to add yourself by going to your profile page.
6. Remove your friend from friend list and again add to friend list.
7. Try to add to that guy to whom you have blocked.
8. Try to cancel the friend request.
9. Check if you are able to see all stuffs of the another user profile after adding to friend list.
10. Check if the both user are able to chat each other.
11. Check also other related feature after adding to the user to friend list, like if you are able to like picture, put the comments and share.

- naps April 30, 2014 | Flag Reply
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-User should be able to view add friend for given person
-User should be able to successfully add person (verify messages)
-Cancel the request in-between
-Person should be able to see your request
-Person should be able to see various options (test these options, accept, reject etc.)
-After successfull addition both should have another in their account
-They should be able to see the direct and indirect friends, suggestions from facebook should be displayed.
-Verify email sent for addition
there are lot of verification like this

- Shyam November 20, 2013 | Flag Reply
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1. send friend request button is visible on user profile.
2. Check if that button is click able.
3. Check if click to the button and that user get the request.
4. Check if you are able to send the friend request to that one who is already in your friend list
5. need to check that friend request will accept when that user want to accept your request to whom we send the request.
6. Auto accept the friend request should not work.
7. Check if user is able to send the friend request to that user how is blocked.
8. Check if you can send the friend request to whom you have already sent the request.
9. Try to search you profile and then go to your profile to send friend request to yourself.
10. Check there should be a button "unfriend" who is already added to your friend list.
11. Check if user is able to cancel the friend request after sending friend request.

- July 05, 2015 | Flag Reply

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