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Assuming the system to be designed is strictly for monitoring purposes, we can make use of the Observer design pattern here. This way the system can be portable to web applications as well as devices.

When the hotel booking system receives a confirmation, a `bookingNotifier` can send out a message with the necessary details (for eg, hotel name, suite, number of people, location, dates etc). Similarly, a `cancellationNotifier` and a `bookingUpdateNotifier` can exist as well. These three notifier types can send messages to a `notificationPublisher` class which processes the information received and looks at the users and/or applications to be notified, and queues a message in those user's message queue.

A `notificationSubscriber` class regularly polls the user's message queues for "immediate automatic push type updates" and looks at the subscription preferences and sends up the message in that manner. For non-automatic push updates, the messages can be displayed on first login for a day, or daily login (this is something that should be discusses with the interviewer; each option has it's own set of pros and cons).

This notification system can be tightly coupled with the booking/reservation system

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