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@steephen 's answer explains about game implementation.
There are other things to consider in this problem (Related to Design and Scalability)

Read --

It is better to use Redis for auth tokens and sessions. Gameplay data can be stored in RDBMS or NoSQL if you want resume feature.

Coming to notification point, Let's have a scenario where you are waiting for an opponent. Cases will be
-> apps can easily have push notification.
-> for web-based games there are web-notifications
-> if any of above doesn't fit then we can create a game and same time create 1 topic ("nextGamePair") using JMS or RabbitMQ.
Every user waiting for the opponent will subscribe to this topic. When there are 2 players subscribe, we will start a game with those 2 players and unsubscribe them from the topic.

With 1 Topic we will handle this for all users.

All these things will cover aspects of this problem.

- Kunal Saxena January 25, 2018 | Flag Reply
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There are following independent services:
Authentication and authorization service- which will manage the session by using AccessToken
GameInitialization service- This service will identify the competitors and initialize the game instance
GameExecutionService - Which will manage the turn in between players

There should be an API gateway to control request pipeline to the system.

System should have following classes:
1. Grid

2. Game
Grid* grid

3. Player
Game id

int: x
int: y
player id
Game id

5. cell
bool occupied
int x
int y

- steephen September 14, 2017 | Flag Reply

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