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Animals are mainly categorized into two :

(1)Vertebrates: Animals with backbone
(2)Invertebrates:Animals with no backbone (bacteria etc.)

abstract class Animal {
	abstract void feed();
	abstract void respire();
	abstract void reproduce();

abstract class Invertebrates extends Animal {}

abstract class Vertebrates extends Animal {
	abstract void move();

abstract class Mammals extends Vertebrates {}

abstract class Birds extends Vertebrates {}

abstract class Fish extends Vertebrates {}

abstract class Reptiles extends Vertebrates {}

- Serdar January 12, 2014 | Flag Reply
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I would change the "animal" class to an "interface"

- ben January 12, 2014 | Flag
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The Animal Family can be broadly classified as below sub categories:
> Bird Family
> Mammal Family
> Insect Family
> Fish Family

Animals can be also classified based on many of their characteristics, such as:
> Carnivores vs Herbivores
> Scavengers
> Land vs. Water Animals
> Noctural or Night Animals
> Cold Blooded vs Warm Blooded Animals
> Vertebrates vs. Invertebrates
> Fly / Swim / Run
> Number Of Legs

class Animal {
   String Name ;
   List <Characteristic> Characteristics ;

class Characteristic {
   String Name;

class Carnivores : public Characteristic {
  bool isCarnivores ();

class Legs : public Characteristic {
  int NumberOfLegs ();

- R@M3$H.N January 08, 2014 | Flag Reply
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class animal  //base of all
var parents[],childrens[],species,behaviors[]; //behaviours may contain it is carnivorous or hervivorous , color etc .

- kaushikfrnd January 08, 2014 | Flag Reply
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For me makes sense to reuse all the effort made in taxonomy, I would create:

module Biology
      module Kingdom
        module Animalia
        .... all other kingdoms
      module Phylum
        module Chordata
        .... all other phylums
      module SubPhylum
      module SuperClass
      module Class
        module Mamalia
        .... all other classes
      module Order
        module Carnivora
        .... all other orders
      module Family
        module Felidae
        .... all other families
      module Genus
        module Panthera
        .... all other Genus
      module Species
        module Tiger
        .... would include Panthera, Felidae, Carnivora, Mamalia, Chordata and Animalia.

To ease the process of writing all this code I would try to fetch data from an API or maybe scrapping Wikipedia.

- Juan David Pastas January 09, 2014 | Flag Reply

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