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I was asked this question while getting interviewed for product manager position at google.

think about database design, what all information you would store in addition to news message
- news text
- data & time
- location
- reporter
- likes
- views ..etc

how would you store them in database efficiently for fast retrieval. how would you order/index them so that user sees the most relevant ones at the top.

These days almost real time updates would be required hence an effective caching strategy would also be required.

- compskiguy October 01, 2016 | Flag Reply
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Use the observer pattern here.

Have a list of pages (friends, trending etc) that a user follows
In order of priority list the most recent posts according to time stamps
Refresh the feed every 2 mins or so

- confused_coder August 21, 2016 | Flag Reply
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A relational database and real time updates with -
- news content (text, date, location, related entities, type of news)
- Location (regional personalization)
- Areas of news (sports, national, economic, political)
- User profile connectivity and area of interest

- Mystery_coder November 26, 2016 | Flag Reply

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