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Situation 1: Is the latest Sage 50 update installed on the server?
install the latest update of Sage 50 on the server PC so the Connection Manager is updated.
Situation 2: The Sage 50 sample company file opens fine and the company file resides on a server

Make sure the latest connection manager version is installed on the server
Convert the file to the latest version of Sage 50
See Related Resources below
Situation 3: The Sage 50 sample company cannot be opened

Deactivate the firewall
Deactivate the anti-virus
Open Windows Control Panel
For Windows XP, click on Add/Remove Programs
For Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10, click on Programs and Features
Choose Sage 50 Accounting
For Windows XP, click on Modify
For Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10, click on Change
When warned that Sage 50 is already installed, click OK
On the next window, choose the second option "Update/Reinstall Program"
Verify all other applications are closed and all data saved
When done, click Restart Now
Reboot the computer
Open Sage 50
If issued is resolved, reactivate firewall and anti-virus
If Sage cannot open properly, contact Sage 50 customer support: 1-888-522-2722
Situation 4: A third party software (cloud or local) is locking the data file

Browse to the location of your company file where the .SAI icon file and .SAJ folder reside.
Right-click the .SAJ folder and rename it by adding a 1 at the end.
If it doesn't allow you to rename then some third party software is still locking the data file.
Try rebooting to see if it is a temporary lock.
Otherwise, you will need to find the software that is causing the block. Possible software:
Antivirus currently scanning your computer.
local backup software (including windows backup/restore.
DropBox, iCloud (cloud backup software)
As a last resort, you can copy your data files to another location not affected by the third party software.
For example, move them to c:\mysagedata\ (you may have to create the folder named \mysagedata\)
Stop here.
If it allows, then the file is not locked.
Rename the .SAJ again and remove the 1 at the end.

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