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I was asked the same question in one of the interviews and off-course couldn't do well in the interview.

There is 2 questions related to elevators that get asked
1.) Object oriented design for elevator system
2.) Scheduling of the elevator which is another complicated subject.

The following below should help with 1.).
Please note that the below content is from one of the papers on internet. unfortunately, i cannot link the web document here. search in google for "elevator system object oriented design" and you should find more details on the problem. It is domain
Car: The car is being controlled to move up and down (in different speeds), to makestops at floors when necessary.

Button: The ElevatorControl class also controls the button class, which further generalizes two subclasses CarCallButton and HallCallButton. The control object
communicates with the Button objects, get the information whether a button is pressedand in turn controls the illumination of Button lights.

Indicator: There are two kinds of indicators in the system, the CarPositionIndicator and the CarDirectionIndicator (i.e. the CarLantern). The indicators are controlled to show the information about the current position and moving direction of the car.

Safety: Whenever an emergency happens according to the definition of emergency brake trigger in the requirement documentation, the ElevatorControl commands the Safety

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