Amazon Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

Team: Kindle
Country: India
Interview Type: Written Test

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Assuming that both mobile & web app are hitting the search endpoints; the issue is on the mobile app. I would check the network call logs to the endpoint and ensure that its returning proper response. If the response is good then its the problem with mobile app rendering search results, there could be various reasons but the issue is narrowed down..

- smurugu October 18, 2016 | Flag Reply
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It can be an issue with mobile side rendering if both the apps website and smartphone are using the same version of amazon shopping application underneath

- a September 21, 2016 | Flag Reply
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Steps to reproduce:
1. Connect Device through System and Check Device logs.
2. As already mentioned above Due to some fronted issue, They are not able to call Search Result API properly.
3. Open Staging logs as well to check weather we are getting any specific API request from this Device or not.

Please correct me if i missed something

- Bhupendra September 25, 2016 | Flag Reply
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After above all use cases, I would try to dig around browser compatibility.
1) Clear cookies & history of the test browser and try to hit search
2) Try what are all the supported versions of browser we use with given application
3) If the above result is failure, then check the corresponding logs and report as bug for that particular browser
4) Try with different other browsers and very the search functionality and drill down the issue whether it's specific to any browser or with all browsers in mobile
5) If above all correct and still user is not able to get search result, then check OS version and its compatibility with the application
6) Check whether user is trying access the site from unauthorised network / domain / IP / country
7) Check whether page is fully loaded or got struck, there might be some performance leakage

Likewise, the debugging steps can go on until we drill down and figure out the actual issue.

- GK May 01, 2019 | Flag Reply
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1.Try to reproduce issue with same env
2.Error codes
3.Network - Switch network and try relaunching application
4.Uninstall and Reinstall app
5.Reboot device
6.Try with different device
7. Clearcache and try
8. Check to see if other functionalities work in smartphone in same amazon app

- Mountain February 23, 2021 | Flag Reply

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