techsupport Interview Question for Backend Developers

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Section I: Verify these first

Confirm that all antivirus and firewalls on the local computer and on the server (or on the computer where the data is located) are disabled. ( For example "on access" scanner from Windows Defender, McAfee, Norton, etc).
Verify if all workstations are running the same version of sage 50.
Verify the issue is resolved. If the issue persists, proceed to Section II.
.Section II: Get the real IP address

Note: This process is applicable for a local area network (LAN).

Get IP address from the server: On the server, select Start, Run, type CMD, then press Enter.
Type ipconfig, then press Enter to get server IP address.
From the local computer: Select Start, Run
Type in \\IPaddress and press Enter
Example: \\
From the explorer window, open the company on the server
Note: if you can open it without any error messages, you have to fix the mapping on the local computer or create the new drive with the new address.

Section III: Creating or Fixing the mapping on the local computer

On the Desktop, right-click on My computer and choose Map network drive.
Choose the drive letter.
Example: Z:
Type \\IP address in the Folder field and press Finish. If you see the old drive listed already, correct the IP address
Example: \\
Open the company through the mapped drive from Sage 50 Accounting.
Section IV: Goto the IP address and make sure it works and then gonig back to hostname can make it work

Goto the \\ipaddress and make sure the file opens
Go back via \\hostname and make sure the file opens
Verify that you can reboot and it opens via hostname now

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