Amazon Interview Question for Testing / Quality Assurances

Country: United States
Interview Type: Written Test

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Hi Guys,

I think this might be a good test plan.

I am assuming we got all the required signoffs.

Day 1: Check the connectivity among all the upstream and downstream systems.
Day 2: Front end validations.
Day3: Start booking the orders .
Day 4: Database validations.
Day5: Compatibility testing, means if software is compatible with all the leading browsers.
Day 6: Security Testing.
Day 7: Performance testing
Day 8: Report Generation , share this report with business and validations by business.
Day 9: Quality Centre updates(My organisation use quality centre for tracking) and Test report preparation and sign off procedure.

- Prasenjeet November 22, 2014 | Flag Reply
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If it is a test plan, then it should not consist of Performance testing or Security testing. It should contain the test strategy. It will contain the tools that will be used for Performance testing.
It will also consist of the estimated number of hours the testing will take to complete based on the number of resources that are allocated.

- Anonymous October 13, 2016 | Flag Reply
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Test Plan:

1. Overview of the Project
2. Scope of the project
3. What level of testing will be done and what will be covered
4. Entry and Exit criteria for each level of testing.
5. Environment requirement and Details.
6. Test data requirements.
7. System Testing schedule and Interfacing application schedules
8. Risk Management
10. Cross project dependency
11. Project Assumptions.
12. Signoff details

- Anand July 23, 2017 | Flag Reply

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