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II. Someone put distribute Random()*ID in a Hive script to prevent data skew. What would be the problem here?

Problem here is , same id will get different partition number if using Random()*ID and hence will go to different reducers. Aggregation functions based on ID will result in incorrect results.

- Mayank Jain August 20, 2017 | Flag Reply
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1. Assuming that Every line in the input data contains user-id and list of product ids.
In the map phase, we will first extract all products purchased by a user and pair them up with the count.
e.g. CUST_123, PROD_1, PROD2, PROD3

result of map phase.

In the reduce phase, we will collect all such results from all users and then add all counts and then return top 100.

- dhruven91 November 13, 2017 | Flag Reply
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This is how to answer the second question in old and boring SQL, join a table with itself by user id (so that each product is mapped with each product). Then remove rows with the same product and deduplicate them by filtering higher product id:

    FP.product AS product1, 
    T.product AS product2, 
    COUNT(1) AS bought_count
  FROM Purchases AS FP
  -- the < sign in the join so that we keep only 1 pair of (p1,p2) and (p2,p1)
  INNER JOIN Purchases AS T 
    ON FP.user = T.user AND FP.product < T.product
  GROUP BY FP.product, T.product
  ORDER BY bought_count DESC
  LIMIT 100

Though I have no idea how to do this in Spark. The bottleneck is obviously inner join, but what can we do to optimize it? Maybe the question means distributing the load proportionally among workers, I don't know.

- inthecottonfield February 05, 2019 | Flag Reply

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