Amazon Interview Question for Testing / Quality Assurances

Team: for appstore
Country: India
Interview Type: Phone Interview

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Common test cases:
1. Create a folder within Parent dir either on local machine or Remote machine.
2. Try to create a folder with all kinds of characters ( All special characters from keyboard )
3. Handling duplicate folders .
4. Handling folder creation after 256 characters on windows.
5. Try to create folder with unicode characters and check whether its valid.
6. Permission for creating folder within parent.
7. Creating of multiple folders.
8. Creating of folders in all kinds of File systems.
9. Creation of folders in all kinds of platforms ( MAC , Windows , USB , Smartphones )
10. Maximum file name allowed while creating folder
11 . Trimming of spaces at the start of the folder name.
12. Folder creation not allowed with no characters or spaces.
13. By Default , folder created should have permission to everyone.
14. Folder creation should honour windows settings such as "Encryption" and "Indexing".
15. Folder creation by different users with read, read-write pernissions.
16. If it is FAT file system , allocation table should be updated.
17. Check for Antivirus settings , if folder creation is blocked.
18. Folder creation behavior when system is infected by virus.

1. Renaming of already created folder.
2. Renamed folder name should not conflict with already existing folder.
3. Existing folder may contain file and folders ,after renaming parent directory all those files should be accessible.

- Satish April 13, 2014 | Flag Reply
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Also, this also can be a scenario in renaming
We put a name for a folder and the name already exists , the system gives up an option to merge the created folder with the old one , or replace the old one , or should not allow to create a new one at all.

- tusharsappal July 17, 2014 | Flag
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> Renaming a folder which is already present
> Renaming folder with a folder name, which is already there
> Renaming and putting the same name again
> Renaming a folder which has subfolders
> Renaming as super admin
> Renaming as other type of users, i.e. remote user, power user, desktop user, etc
> Renaming folder on a USB, network drive, mapped drive, main drive, secondary drive etc
> Renaming on Windows, MAC, Linux
> Renaming using console or putty
> Renaming in bulk (renaming 100 folders together dynamically)
> Renaming with folder naming specifications

- Asheesh April 28, 2014 | Flag Reply
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1.verify memory consumption,
2. concurrent Folder creation with same name, different name, scenario discussed in answer 1
3.Folder creation over write protected disk or folder,
4. folder creation on locked space
5. folder creation under unavailable folder (it should create the unavailable folder in this case) with the subfolder,
6. folder creation on corrupted disk,
7. folder creation when disk is full ( memory starvation),
8. folder creation from command prompt,
9. renaming it from command prompt,
10 folder creation with remote user (check permissions) ,
11. folder creation under hidden folder,
12. folder creation under system-32,
13. folder creation with sub-folder of system 32 file folder ,
14. folder creation over user profile such as user trying to create folder over admin profile, 15. folder creation over bookmarks folder (this should be reflected while loading of IE)

- abhay40711cs July 29, 2014 | Flag Reply
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what test cases can we write on renaming the folder?don't think about what happens after creating.

- chintan September 24, 2014 | Flag Reply
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11. Renaming parent folder when sub files or folder are already opened,check whether it allows or not.
12. Rename parent folder when it itself opened in another window.

- Uzma Rafique December 05, 2014 | Flag Reply
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Compress a folder
Unzip folder
Delete folder

- Ashok December 22, 2016 | Flag Reply
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how to right testcases
1. Try to Create folder with numeric characters
2. Try to Create folder with alphabetical characters
3. Try to Create folder with mix of numeric and alphabetic
4. Try to Create folder with special characters like \/:*?"<>|
and observe
5. Try to create folder with system reserved word like CON

- sanni patel October 06, 2018 | Flag Reply

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