Adobe Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

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Interview Type: In-Person

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I would start with the structural test by asking what kind of a thermostat is it.
Is it metallic manual thermostat used in the facility heating/cooling or auto thermostat with user interface to set temperatures
Then with installation test of the thermostat, usually if near the window wall or cooking facility like kitchen and all does that fluctuates the temperature alot and ideally there would be some acceptable conditions here but specially I will test how much time does it take to get back to set temperature in these extreme conditions
Then I would test in ideal situations how long does it take to get itself to the set temperature.
I will also test the user interface specially if its something that supports Fahrenheit and centigrade temperature setting
If it has temperature settings for english and is being manufactured to serve internationally does it have different language support
Usual functional testing of Decreasing increasing the temperature
I would also test it on its property of voltage supply require to be able to run it. as in some countries the voltage is less and for some it is more so I will test it with different voltage supplies

- priti.upadhyay November 09, 2014 | Flag Reply

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