Epic Systems Interview Question for Software Architects

Team: personnel interview
Country: United States
Interview Type: Written Test

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On clicking of any of the numbers (1 to 9) buttons, checking if the current user is winner of the tic tac toe game (either by making horizontal or vertical or diagonally).

suggesting few improvements:
1) The common code (checking Even; checking winner) can be moved to base class to avoid code redundancy.
2) Can display a label who should play next (based on the current user variable).

Nice questions, pls continue posting the questions.

- Apparao October 22, 2014 | Flag Reply
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Did you delay posting this by 10 years?

- Anonymous December 23, 2013 | Flag Reply
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stop making comments cuz im not gonna stop posting questions :P
really stupid , btw iam an architect engineer , iam learning c and c++ for fun :) .. so calm ur self down bb ..
now who is the pathetic lolll

- Eliana December 25, 2013 | Flag

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