Google Interview Question for Program Managers

Country: United States
Interview Type: Phone Interview

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Just a thought, I am kind of working in related field.

There is so much of information in the videos, it could be extracted(data mining) for different problems. Example. ECommmerce, finding the ongoig trends in lets say drinking brand, clothing, shoes. So, you find the content of videos for lets say clothing. What people are wearing? What king of it is? denims, formals, shorts any brands?. This could be used in many ways by the fashion industries. and for the rest of the fields, sky is the limit.

For those people who might thing this is bit futuristic, well there are startups already doing it but at very early stage.


- M July 31, 2015 | Flag Reply
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-By proving internet access to the villages in the world .
-By making awareness of e-learning .
-By providing more interesting stuff on youtube .

-"By making something like youtube hunt show that go and find the people with some special capabilities but don't have the stage to connect with audience"

and then

- Shivesh Sundriyal July 29, 2015 | Flag Reply
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By opening virtual classroom in youtube.It can give premium course to users.It is the easiest way .

- Akash Rupareliya August 01, 2015 | Flag Reply

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