Google Interview Question for Technical Support Engineers

Country: Australia
Interview Type: Phone Interview

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First we need to filter down the problem by asking relevant questions.

What does the client mean by "computer has become slow"?
	- While surfing on internet?
	- While accessing any application installed on the computer?
Whichever answer client says for above question, you can further ask -
	- If its a specific website which is slow or anything on internet isn't working?
	- If its a specific application or all applications are running slow.
and questions go on...
	- For Internet : There could be client or sever side issues for eg: browser caching issue, WiFi issue, network congestion, DNS mapping issue, server location, server capacity, firewall issue etc.
	- For desktop applications: Application could be taking too much RAM to run, C drive almost full, recently installed program which introduced some malware exhausting CPU utilization etc.

Its more of a discussion than answering it as monologue. Its good to have some in depth knowledge of some of these issues so that you can explain a bit more technically.
Hope it helps :)!

- Apurva Nigam May 05, 2019 | Flag Reply

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