Microsoft Interview Question for Software Engineer in Tests

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*It shud be user-friendly and intuitive.
*If configuration options are very complex, how to represent it in easy way? Interface shudnt be too overwhelming.
*It shud be conveying meaning in first look.
*If it takes user input, then it shud have accessiblility features, like keyboard shortcuts, tooltips etc

- Anonymous October 09, 2008 | Flag Reply
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It should be user friendly obviously
What the user sees is what they get
Use of simple english terms
Need to think about the complexity and performance overhead for achieving the user friendliness...

Related to user interface there can be many things like deciding color, intuitive etc...

- Aditya October 10, 2008 | Flag Reply
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Multiple Input sources like Mouse, Keyboard , Command Line
Graceful Termination for all workflows
Informative and Self Directive
Dynamic update if alternative app changed the data
Successful execution with other alternative UI running
Validation Framework should be well implemented

- Ankush Bindlish November 05, 2008 | Flag Reply

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