Amazon Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

Country: India
Interview Type: Phone Interview

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Test strategy :
1. Visibility - Validate that upon launch Search bar is displayed on top of the page
2. Has All dropdown and has a search glass icon activate to click on
3. Prompt feature - Does the user gets prompted for related
4. Action: Upon clicking search glass icon, page navigates to relavant item searched for
5. Search bar displays on all pages navigated to
6. Browser history of the user shows up when clicked on search bar
7. Search bar on both platforms - Web UI and mobile apps

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I think this should be good enough. Let me know if any improvements need to be made

Test strategy
scope of testing - search, display, categories, functionality, UI (in the web app), microphone, amazon lens, QR code (in the mobile app)

types of testing - UI, functionality, performance, stress, compatibility, accessibility

Test plan for Amazon product search
scope - search, display, functionality, UI, dropdown, categories ( in the web app), amazon lens, QR code(in the mobile app)

Test strategy -

UI - selenium with TestNG for parallel testing on different devices and browsers
functionality - Enter, search and display - selenium, appium, real devices
Performance - response time to the search query - neoload
Stress - Hit with more than 10K search queries using automation - neoload
Compatibility - different devices, different browser versions, mobile devices, mobile browsers, web browsers, hybrid devices(tablet, laptop with tablet)
accessibility - color contrast, screen reader

Entry criteria for functional testing - Make sure the build is stable and passed the smoke test
Create the test cases and automate them, run functionality test, UI test, compatibility test, accessibility test, and regression test.
When the defects are low and all the above tests have passed with no/little minor bugs, do the performance test, load test, and stress test.
Compare the RTM with the test cases and make sure you have tested all the features and everything is passed before signing off.

- Shravani91 April 14, 2022 | Flag Reply
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Test strategy :
Scope of work : Working of Amazon product search functionality. Customer should be able to search desired product by typing input/giving voice commands in search box.

Test Approach :
Functional Testing: Tools(Selenium for UI, Karate/RestAssured for APIs, Selenium for DB validations)
Load Testing : Jmeter
Performance Testing : Jmeter
Security testing

Functional Testing: Verify if user able to input values inside search box
Verify after input , expected auto suggestions are coming in dropdowns
Verify after input, when search icon is clicked, relevant products are displayed in search results page
Verify with incorrect input, expected product auto suggestion is present
Verify length of input
Verify blank input and click search
Voice commands recognitions

Non of clicks
Response time of click button to render search page info

Localization test:
Test of Search button icon as per locale information

Load Amazon website with internet connectivity
Click search and disable internet. verify the response

Test Automation : Selenium + Java

Testing Levels:

Assumption : Internet Connectivity. Search Icon present on Icon
Entry Criterion : Product is stabilized, Test cases are complete and approved.
Test Environment : XYZ

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