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Country: United States
Interview Type: In-Person

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I would solve it using BFS starting from both friends simultaneously instead of just from one friend.

Further I would ask if it's allowed to stop if, e.g. there is no connection of 4th or 5th grade. Let's assume everybody has 80 new friends in average:
- After expanding the frontier 4 times, starting at one friend there are ~40 Mio people covered.
- If expanding 2 times, starting at both friends, there are roughly 13 tousand people and it has the same effect.
If not terminating after a certain search depth, it eventually ends up hitting a lot of people.

Further accelleration for the positive case may be possible by using some heuristic to expand the frontier asymetrically towards the expexted other person (this how ever will then no guarantee to find the shortest path in the sense of # of hops and from here it starts to get philosophical)

- Chris December 03, 2016 | Flag Reply
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Chris is right, of course. A potential fix on this can be assumed ( due to the connectivity problem : two nodes might reside in two unconnected components, albeit chance of it is extremely low, unless you are a free node, and have no friends (much like me) ). Some empirical theory suggests that 6 hops generally are good enough to connect any person to another.

Another nice way out is what he said - start at both ends. Check intersection of the nodes of the frontiers. If any time the intersection returns non empty, you have at least a solution.

- NoOne December 04, 2016 | Flag Reply

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