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Resources from Cracking the Tech Career: Behavioral Preparation Grid and Sample Resumes

CareerCup Books

Cracking the Coding Interview: 150 Programming Questions and Solutions
Now in the 5th edition, Cracking the Coding Interview gives you the interview preparation you need to get the top software developer jobs. This is a deeply technical book and focuses on the software engineering skills to ace your interview. The book is over 500 pages and includes 150 programming interview questions and answers, as well as other advice. 

Changes from the Fourth Edition: The fifth edition includes over 200 pages of new content, bringing the book from 300 pages to over 500 pages. Major revisions were done to almost every solution, including a number of alternate solutions added. The introductory chapters were massively expanded, as were the opening of each of the chapters under Technical Questions. In addition, 24 new questions were added.

Cracking the Coding Interview, Fifth Edition is the most expansive, detailed guide on how to ace your software development / programming interviews.
Cracking the PM Interview: How to Land a Product Manager Job in Technology
How many pizzas are delivered in Manhattan? How do you design an alarm clock for the blind? What is your favorite piece of software and why? How would you launch a video rental service in India? This book will teach you how to answer these questions and more.

Cracking the PM Interview is a comprehensive book about landing a product management role in a startup or bigger tech company. Learn how the ambiguously-named "PM" (product manager / program manager) role varies across companies, what experience you need, how to make your existing experience translate, what a great PM resume and cover letter look like, and finally, how to master the interview: estimation questions, behavioral questions, case questions, product questions, technical questions, and the super important "pitch."
Cracking the Tech Career: Insider Advice on Landing a Job at Google, Microsoft, Apple, or any Top Tech Company
Hiring bonuses, onsite pools, cocktails, flexible hours ... meaningful work! This is the stuff of recent graduates' dreams—and the shimmering lure dangling at Google, Apple, Microsoft, and other top tech firms. Scoring those coveted positions requires brains, drive, a minimum of luck, and an abundance of smart moves. The Google Résumé is the only book that delivers the critical know-how to get you through the door, in the job, and up the first rungs of the tech ladder.

Former Microsoftie, Appleite, and Googler Gayle Laakmann McDowell is the mentor you need. Get crucial advice on choosing a major, minor, internship, and part-time job that will make you a superior candidate. Identify your weaknesses, and start developing a track record of achievement now.

The hiring processes and requirements of the tech industry are unique—and the competition, stiff. No matter your tech savvy, there are infinite ways to improve your chances of landing your dream job, from picking relevant extracurricular activities to striking the right tone during an interview.

Filled with answers to real job-seekers' questions, a list of 156 résumé action words, and examples of choice answers to tough interview questions, The Google Résumé also teaches you how to:

  • Develop a specialized skill while you're in school
  • Land an interview
  • Create a great first impression
  • Navigate the hiring procedures for programmers, designers, and game developers
  • Negotiate an offer

There are a lot of smart people in the world, and anyone can catch a little dumb luck. But if you want to stand out among the roiling mass of tech strivers, you have to do everything right. Here's how.

Sample Resources
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Unscripted Interview Videos

The Cracking the Coding Interview Videos are unscripted videos showing you what happens in a real technical interview. Watch Gayle L. McDowell, the founder and CEO of CareerCup, interview a candidate, just like she did over 100 times for big companies like Google and Microsoft. Watch how candidates face a new problem, dissect it, and code it on the white board.

What do we mean by "unscripted?"

Exactly what it sounds like. The candidates were not told what to say when, or how to solve the question. They didn't even know what they would be asked until the cameras were rolling! In other words, what you are watching is 100% true-to-life.

These videos will:

  • Expose you to what a real Google / Microsoft / Amazon interview is like.
  • Show you how to handle questions when you don't know the answer.
  • Show you, via mid-video pop-ups, what is going well and what the interviewer is thinking about.
  • Teach you what Google, Microsoft and Amazon look for in an interview.



Full Interview with Danny

The Full Interview Video is a video that shows you what an interview is like, from start to end. The contents include:
- Overview of what companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon look for.
- Discussion of the candidate's resume, to show you how to discuss your resume and what you're likely to be asked.
- Two coding and algorithms questions (including white-boarding coding). This candidate didn't know the answers, so you can learn how to handle this situation.

Great For: General / Resume Questions. Algorithms and Whiteboard Coding. Understanding what a real interview is like.

Largest Increasing Subsequence (Interview with Jon)

Interview Question: Given an array with positive and negative integers, find the largest increasing subsequence in an array.

Great For: Algorithms and Whiteboard Coding.

T9 Auto-Correction (Interview with Alexey)

Interview Question: Implement T-9 auto-correction. That is, imagine a classic phone keypad where each digit corresponds to several letters. Given a sequence of digits, find a word in the dictionary that matches those digits.

Great For: Algorithms and Whiteboard Coding.

Ransom Note (Interview with Lauren)

Interview Question: Given a ransom note (an array of characters), design an algorithm to check if it can be built from a magazine (another array of characters).

Great For: Algorithms and Whiteboard Coding.

Implement GetNextNode in Binary Tree (Interview with Scott)

Interview Question: Implement GetNextNode, which finds the next node in an in-order traversal of a binary tree. Each node has a link to its parent.

Great For: Algorithms and Whiteboard Coding.

Design a Calculator for the Blind (Interview with Lauren)

Interview Question: How would you design a calculator for the blind?

Great For: Program Manager Interviews, Product Manager Interviews, and Design Questions.

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Resume Review

Resume Review & Editing

Too many resume review services are done by people who claim that they can "rewrite" your resume, without knowing you (and typically without even knowing anything about technology!). CareerCup's resume review is done by actual engineers at the major tech companies, so you can be sure that the people reviewing your resume are the same types of people who would review it in the real world.

Resume Review is a hands-on service where you work directly with a resume reviewer, making large and small changes to your resume. Communication is via direct email with a reviewer and includes multiple passes of your resume.

Buy Now
  1. Search for reviewers here
  2. Select "Resume Critique "Book Now" under "Resume Critique".
  3. Describe the role(s) and company(ies) you're looking for. Attach your resume in Microsoft Word format.
  4. Our resume review will respond to your resume via Evisors. After that point, you can continue to communicate via email.
Please submit your resume in MICROSOFT WORD format. This allows us to use "Track Changes" and ensures that you get a more thorough review.
I just wanted to thank Lauren for her tremendous help with me on my resume a few months back. My resume got me lots of interviews and it also got comments like "It looks like you've accomplished a lot in a small time." In the end, I've landed a job with a Silicon Vally startup that I'm very happy with. -- David Kobilnyk (Software Engineer at ShopRunner, San Mateo, CA)

Or see more reviews here.
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Mock Interviews & Career Coaching

What Happens
CareerCup believes in the value of an authentic interview experience, and that's why all our interviewers are real interviewers at Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or an equivalent company. Your interviewer has been trained with the top tech firms on what to look for - and they're ready to tell you what they know.

Please note: Because our interviewers have "real" full-time jobs at the top tech companies, almost all of our interviews are conducted during the "off-hours." This typically means weekday nights (in PST time) or weekends.

  • Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer in Test
  • Testing / QA
  • Program Manager
  • Associate Product Manager
  • And more!

We'll tell you:
  • What to do when you're completely stumped
  • How to ask for help - without it sounding like you are
  • What data structures you need to really know
  • How to write great interview code
  • What your Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon or other interviewer really wants to see.

Questions? Contact us here
Sign Up With Our Mock Interviewers (Pricing from $160 and up)
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  2. Select an interviewer.
  3. Book!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much advance notice do you need to schedule a mock interview?

While more advance notice is always better, 4 - 7 days notice is usually sufficient. It does depend on our interviewers' schedules though. We are often able to handle interviews with one day (and sometimes less) as well.

Do you do interviews in the evening or on weekends?

Yes! In fact, we strongly prefer doing interviews on weeknights (PST) time or weekends. Our interviewers have "real" full time jobs and do mock interviews on the side, so it's difficult for them to do an interview during the day.

Candidate Testimonials

The folks at CareerCup are awesome!!! A thorough mock interview with a very fast turn around time. The interview was nicely tailored to my skillset and the jobs I was getting ready to interview for. I've got 17 years in the software development business and the things I learned from my mock interview have changed my life. After the mock interview I went on to ace technical interviews with both Amazon and LinkedIn. Do yourself a favor and sign up for a mock interview. You won't regret it!"
~ Greg

I just recieved and accepted the offer from Microsoft :). Your book and website were the primary sources for my preparation. The mock interview helped a lot to evaluate myself before the actual interview and to know what mistakes to avoid. Thanks!

So I wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing making interview preparation easier for so many like me :)
~ Naga

The mock interview was very helpful. I would say my mock interviewer was very professional, to the point and a keen observer. Not having interviewed for the past 3 or more years, I was very nervous. He covered all the areas and gave me very good feedback that hopefully will be of great use to me shortly. I would really recommend your process to others any day. I even plan to take up another mock if I feel the need, since your service is certainly worth.
~ Supriya

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is a comprehensive book on getting a job at a top tech company, while focuses on dev interviews and does this for PMs.

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CareerCup's interview videos give you a real-life look at technical interviews. In these unscripted videos, watch how other candidates handle tough questions and how the interviewer thinks about their performance.

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Resume Review

Most engineers make critical mistakes on their resumes -- we can fix your resume with our custom resume review service. And, we use fellow engineers as our resume reviewers, so you can be sure that we "get" what you're saying.

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Mock Interviews

Our Mock Interviews will be conducted "in character" just like a real interview, and can focus on whatever topics you want. All our interviewers have worked for Microsoft, Google or Amazon, you know you'll get a true-to-life experience.

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