ID verification enables brands to securely acquire new customers and complete high value transactions in the digital identity document verification channel. Mobile Verify completes the industry most comprehensive checks. It evaluates the identity document to determine its authenticity and verifies if it has been altered in any way. Our customers save up to 75% from verification costs if the business faces an inflow of declined attempts. We calculated approximate savings by comparing paying only per approved verifications versus paying per completed verifications. Please note that your results can differ. Stay ahead of emerging threats and evolving regulatory requirements. In today’s digital landscape, identity verification software is crucial. People live most of their lives online with banking, school and grocery shopping. This digital life is relatively new in the timeline of human technology. We’re still learning the risks and adapting to technology’s role in our daily lives. Identity verification software offers a secure method of verifying an individuals identity while protecting that individual’s privacy. The purpose of this software is to stop fraud during online transactions while maintaining privacy for the user. Improvements in fuel efficiency also result in a reduction of carbon emissions Consuming less fuel inherently produces less CO2. Many fleets have green initiatives or carbon reduction programs in which they need to quantify the amount of CO2 offset achieved. True Fuel is also uniquely positioned to quantify and report the carbon emission reduction achieved with increased fuel efficiency. Manual fuel control is not only time-consuming but also vulnerable to mistakes. In contrast, tech-powered commercial fleet fuel management solutions enable managers to get accurate, relevant, and timely data. In addition, such solutions also help to control the effectiveness of each vehicle in terms of converting fuel into energy. Fleet fuel management is one of the essential aspects of running a profitable fleet business. Fuel is the second-largest expenditure when it comes to fleet-operating systems. Well, if you are new to the fleet industry then this blog gives you a glimpse of the best practices on fleet management and how serious the problem of fuel expense could become if unchecked. As you can see, the main monolithic vs microservices difference is that 90% of the microservices’ advantages come from the monolithic architecture disadvantages and vice versa. That is exactly why both approaches coexist beautifully - each of them occupies its own niche. Let's find out when you should choose monolithic architecture or microservices and why. Over time, as more requirements are accommodated in a monolithic architecture, it soon becomes extremely complex to make changes.Many of the interdependencies between components may not be as evident in the later phase of development. This increases the time and effort required to make the smallest of changes. The choice between monolithic and microservices architecture often boils down to the specific needs of the project, the expertise of the development team, and long-term goals. While monolithic might be suitable for smaller applications aiming for quick market entry, microservices might be the way to go for large-scale applications that require scalability and flexibility. Before deciding, consider the pros and cons of each, and if possible, consult with experts who have experience with both architectures. Whatever your choice, remember that the software world is dynamic, and the architecture can evolve as needs change.

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