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This is the approach I am taking: Listen to the great algorithm classes provided by Berkley and MIT and Stanford. On YouTube and itunes.
My favorite is "ShewChuck" a geeks geek!

Search for ShewChuck 61 and the data struct you want.
shewchuk 61b priority queue

I need to do this because in my CS classes 25+ years ago we didn't do dynamic programming and Map Reduce. And there was no Internet! Wow!

Just to whine and commiserate: I feel your pain. I produce j2me and Android apps e-commerce burned on phones and used to buy ringtones and wallpapers and apps. My apps are used by millions and I hear about it if they break because that means someone has paid for something they didn't get! Been programing for 25 years.
The few times I need to sort its been n <100 items and of course "I just Google it". That didn't work as an answer for Google. So I am going back to the drawing board (literally!) ;)

* Now someone tell me what to do about trick questions?

- gvp March 04, 2013 | Flag Reply

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