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In this blog, I am going to share about one of my close friend who becomes a call girl, whatever she gained so far by entering this profession and how did she manage to lift herself in this competitive society

Sitting at home and commenting bad thoughts about a person who is doing hard work to earn something is easy. When we put ourselves in that person’s place and try to do at least half of his work then only we realize that success can’t be earned without hard work.
My best buddy a middle-class girl
We have met each other in our college days, before entering my intermediate I was a kind of shy person, I never talk to any girl directly, I can’t make eye contact with them. My friends always used to comment on me about that and always I wanted to make a girl bestie.

It is in a saying known ‘’ great things take time “ to reach you, unlike that, I met with a girl
Alia, in my 2nd year of college life, and at that time I don’t know that she is going to be my bestest friend in the future. She loves to talk with everyone and little kind of introvert too. She taught me so many things which made me a confident person when it comes to gossiping.

She always uses to talk about callgirl and she has a keen interest to become an online call girl, at that time I always scold her that this ain’t not good you can do anything else and have a great life but she was not as good in studies like me.

So after she cleared all her thoughts before me, I supported her to do the job of her interest. But deep inside I fear a lot that would it be good to do this job.
Her thoughts about the future
After our intermediate we’ve both decided to change our path, I am more likely to do engineering and she wants to become an Indian porn girl. She is more confident and had faith that she would earn a good life by doing the job that she loves. While I am doing engineering we stayed together and helped each other to make a good future.

She started her career by creating her profile on several Indian sex site but later all those efforts didn’t work out for her. She was worried and asked me for a way to start. At that time I was still not happy with her decision to become a hot girls in india so I didn’t help her.

Like this, 3 years passed, she has completed her BSc degree and I am in my final year. More than her I am worried about my career because I have to grab a job from my college campus drives, and luckily I’ve got one in a good company.

Now I am free to think about my best buddy, she had’,t cleared a single hurdle to become an escort. She used to not talk with me much and thought of me as selfish. From that moment I put all my efforts to make her the person what she wants. I searched on my browser and took out several Indian call girls numbers and gave her to talk with them and collect all the important information.

And later I Researched a lot about the best free sex sites and luckily got one. The best site to hire a female escorts indiansexservices, I suggested her that site and she created a profile for free there.

You won’t believe she got a call from her first client on the same day, she got a call from her call girls number that she'd given on that site. And was very much excited on her first meet.

It was an outcall she has to attend her client and I am happy that finally, she is becoming independent too.
Our last meet
After that daily she got calls from her clients, she uses to tell me that peoples love s to do the desi girls sex with her. She becomes popular within no time. A lot of agencies approach her to make her their lead model. And fame and prosperity are kissing her feet. She was earning a lot more than my CTC in a single month. And maintaining a luxurious lifestyle.

We are enjoying a lot together with her money. Attending parties, roam around, eating in top restaurants, and many more.

Finally, the time came which I hated the most, the departure. Due to the heavy hot escorts girls demand in Mumbai she has to move immediately there to level up her popularity. Her agency suggested her a date and offer her flight tickets. now she only needs to move. She didn’t setted her mind to move and I also don’t want loose by bestie but what to do. Getting a career as call girl service in Mumbai is not a small achievement so I forced her to move.

I showed her a fake smile that I am happy to leave her and she accepted it and moved to Mumbai.
Her popularity in Mumbai
We always talk through phone and video chats. She was alone and feared a lot in the foreign place but sooner or later she had to accept that. There are thousands of escort in Mumbai, but her extraordinary beauty and sexy figure was making a great impact on many businessmen, actors, and politicians there.

She has enjoyed a lot more fun in Mumbai by giving the service, most of the impact persons must have her number saved as Mumbai call girl number and literally, she’s turning not less then an actress there.

Now she wanted to move to Delhi to meet me and also for her fun to start there as an independent call girl.
Our visit to Delhi
Finally, after this pandemic situation I’ve got the call letter to join in Delhi, I asked her to come to Delhi and he didn’t refuse my word and came immediately to meet me. But we are not staying together, I don’t know what is the problem but she didn’t want me to stay together with her. it must be for my goodness.

We are enjoying a lot on weekends and holidays, setting up trips and enjoying the same way as back then. Soon she get calls to her call girl numbar as she is popular there too.
People used to call her delhi ki sexy and that name fits to her too.

She is becoming the most famous call girls in ncr and living a great life everywhere she’s moving. Finally, we stayed in Delhi and continued our jobs.

My friend’s life changed, you can also change your life. There's a lot more scope in joining escort service, I am not promoting this but giving you the right information, do not hesitate to become an escort in India. If you want to then must visit the site escortserviceindia the same site that I‘ve referred to my friend. Be independent and be proud of what you do.

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