The Effect Of Covid 19 Pandemic On Indian Sex Girl’s Life.

Forum Post 0 Answers The Effect Of Covid 19 Pandemic On Indian Sex Girl’s Life.

Here we are going to know about the effect of the lockdown in Indian escorts life and how they managed to get rid of this.
The coronavirus affected each and every person’s life and their business too which also includes escort service. Many people starting losing everything that they had earned during their lifetime. Some became homeless some lost their properties. During the lockdown, no one could ever think about fucking girls. From the poor to rich everyone suffered, so first we would get the knowledge about escorts below.

Who Are Escorts?
A female escort is a person who sells their bodies to earn some good money. Most people possess a fantasy of fucking girl in different places and different poses which they can never get from their better halves. So an escort helps those persons to fulfill their desired fantasies. Not only for physical satisfaction but also the Indian hot girls are hired for the parties, datings, and many more.

How They Were Affected Due To The Pandemic?

We all know that Indian girls sex is one of the easiest ways to earn money. The female escorts used to earn a lot of money during their service as they used to give 100% satisfaction to their clients. But due to a lack of knowledge in technology, the Independent call girls lost everything in the initial stage of lockdown. While the agency based call girls were taken care of by the agencies. Most of the agency-based Indian call girls were taught about phone sex which also helped the female escort in the later phase.

What Is Phone Sex And How It Helped Agency-based Escorts?
It was easy to hire a call girl through the Internet by only searching for call girls near me so now also through the Internet agencies helped the customers to reach the female escort. After reaching the callgirls through phone, the escorts used to satisfy the clients through phone calls. It was the worst phase that Indian sex services have ever seen as the money they earned through the phone sex was not enough.

Was The Money Enough Through The Phone Sex?
The payments were very few at first when the phone sex was highly charged in the initial stages the callgirl didn’t get many clients for which the rates were reduced. Due to this agency faced a big problem. But the agencies kept giving the main priority to the Indian escorts as they never wanted to put the escorts in any kind of problem. So the phone pay made a medium to earn money but agencies faced the loss. But there were the Independent escort services that failed to overcome the situation.

How Independent Escorts Managed During The Pandemic?
Agencies helped escorts who worked under their agencies but taking the example of call girls Mumbai which has the highest number of Independent escorts in India many left the job and went to native places some started going under agencies but many agencies denied. So the number of escorts in Mumbai decreased in large numbers. And many started joining Kerala sex services agencies too. Kerala was the only city that has a high demand for hot Kerala girls during the pandemic too.

How Kerala escort services managed to keep their business alive during the pandemic period?
When the call girls in Mumbai went to Kerala they found that Kerala used a unique technique for services during the pandemic. The technique was weird but made them profits too. The agencies used to send nude Kerala girls pictures with face blurred many men failed to resist and hired them. Sending them to their place was the risk taken by the escort agencies. The agencies also started a website named sex chat Kerala where the client could have physical satisfaction through chats.

So the pandemic hurt the world a lot maybe it escort Mumbai or escorts Delhi. But when it came to Kerala they had no loss their business was going strong. This proves that where there is a will there is a way. Maybe most people faced problems but there are some people who earned a lot in this pandemic. From the above, it is proved to be strong enough to face any kind of situation because life isn’t the same every day to know more you can also visit Escort service India.

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