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dynamic_cast can be used only with pointers and references to objects. Its purpose is to ensure that the result of the type conversion is a valid complete object of the requested class.

Therefore, dynamic_cast is always successful when we cast a class to one of its base classes:

class CBase { };
class CDerived: public CBase { };

CBase b; CBase* pb;
CDerived d; CDerived* pd;

pb = dynamic_cast<CBase*>(&d); // ok: derived-to-base
pd = dynamic_cast<CDerived*>(&b); // wrong: base-to-derived

The second conversion in this piece of code would produce a compilation error since base-to-derived conversions are not allowed with dynamic_cast unless the base class is polymorphic.

When a class is polymorphic, dynamic_cast performs a special checking during runtime to ensure that the expression yields a valid complete object of the requested class:

// dynamic_cast
#include <iostream>
#include <exception>
using namespace std;

class CBase { virtual void dummy() {} };
class CDerived: public CBase { int a; };

int main () {
try {
CBase * pba = new CDerived;
CBase * pbb = new CBase;
CDerived * pd;

pd = dynamic_cast<CDerived*>(pba);
if (pd==0) cout << "Null pointer on first type-cast" << endl;

pd = dynamic_cast<CDerived*>(pbb);
if (pd==0) cout << "Null pointer on second type-cast" << endl;

} catch (exception& e) {cout << "Exception: " << e.what();}
return 0;

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Compatibility note: dynamic_cast requires the Run-Time Type Information (RTTI) to keep track of dynamic types. Some compilers support this feature as an option which is disabled by default. This must be enabled for runtime type checking using dynamic_cast to work properly.

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