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Looks like they are testing your debugging skills/approach. Some general guidelines in debugging(customize as per your specific scenario)
1. At the least high level knowledge of system architecture - how each module/component interacts with each other.
2. Dependency chain - especially with an installer.
3. Version and other compatibility information between components.
4. Event logs, application logs or installer logs.
5. Access to code and appropriate debugging tools.
6. Isolating the source of the error - sometimes it is available in the message. if not you have to do some detective work.

Finally or rather right in the beginning when you attempt to answer, try to ask the questions to get any useful info or constraints similar to any coding question.

- O November 30, 2012 | Flag Reply
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There is no correct solution. All depends on how you approach the situation. Looking at the image, do ask some question regarding the error.
Do we have access to code.
Try bypassing the prompt since it may be simple mismatch of hash of original installer and the copy , which is being installed.(due to version mismattch)

- caller December 01, 2012 | Flag Reply

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