Amazon Interview Question for Software Engineer / Developers

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for Header Files
Rule: Header files must be completely documented. This means every class, method, and data member must have comments. Header files describe the interfaces of the system, and as such, should contain all the information a developer needs to use/understand the interface.

for CPP Files
Rule: The quantity/quality of the comments in a CPP file is left to the individual developers to decide. If the corresponding header file is completely documented, comments in the CPP file add little value.

Rec: Add comments whenever you feel that the code is complex, non-standard, and/or clever. Remember if you want the luxury of other people maintaining your code – they must be able to understand it!

ffor Use doc++ Comments in Header Files
Rec: Document your code so that an external tool can extract the information stored in your header file comments. For example doc++ and doxygen are freely available tools that are able to generate online (HTML) and offline (Postscript, man pages, etc) documentation from the raw source code. Detailed information on doc++ and doxygen can be found at:, The following are examples of doc++ comment styles.

/** This abstract class …


class FooBar {


/// Enables the Widget to begin sending data

virtual void enableWidget() =0;


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