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When a Web page is blank, there are a few likely reasons. The reasons fall into three categories: 1, a server-related problem; 2, a network problem; and 3, a client browser or computer problem.

1) Server Problems
The page could have been intentionally left blank. It may have a failed redirect script attached to it, or the creator of the site may be in the process of redesigning it.

2) Network Problems
A network error can result in partial content delivery. In such a case, you might be able to solve the problem by pressing reload/refresh or "F5."
The Domain Name System (DNS) cache may be displaying an old page that has already been changed on the server. This sometimes occurs when the site has been moved to a new server.

3) Client Browser or Computer Problems
If other websites fail in the same browser, it might have a configuration issue. The URL for the website may be incorrect.
The browser may have cached an old copy of the page. Clear the browser's cache to see if an updated version of the site will appear. The website may not work correctly with the browser. Try another browser to see if it works.

- An Enthusiast April 15, 2014 | Flag Reply
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I think you'd need to check step by step (using a Unix Terminal)

1. Ping -> It will confirm if the network stack is working fine on your OS(till the NIC)
2. Ping the default gateway -> Confirm if NIC working fine
3. Do a NSLookup, ping a well know website -> Check if DNS working fine
4. Again ping a well know website -> Check if our subnet, IP configured fine

If yahoo.com is still unavailable, as suggested above by Enthusiast, there could be multiple problems..

- puneet.sohi April 16, 2014 | Flag Reply
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Supposing yahoo.com index page is not a blank page and no error page or message displayed in the browser window..then issue could be in the browser(client program) as it is failed to read and display the data that it has received. press refresh button to re-initiate
the connection to reload the page. .

- shivacherukuri April 16, 2014 | Flag Reply
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1) check for some other sites if they are opening to make sure internet connection is fine.

2) There are some sites which let you know the status of sites if they are down or not, check yahoo.com dere to know the status

3) check proxy settings for the browser

4) try in another browser

5) check console mode for browser it may provide some info ,,

www udzial com

- Gaurav Khurana April 17, 2014 | Flag Reply
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1. Try different URL in same browser
2. Try the same URL in different browser
3. if 1 didnt work, and 2 works, Check the browser configuration. Browser file may be corrupted.
4. if 1 works and 2 didnot work, check the proxy setting and network connection, modem, spelling of URL and etc.
5. If both does not work, try with different machine which is in same network.
6. If 5 didnot work check with server settings.

It can be any of following server issues:
1. it can be intensionally kept as blank
2. Probelm with the server it maynot be sending response correctly.
3. File corrupts in Server.

- Gangadhar July 10, 2014 | Flag Reply
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- tomcombi March 26, 2018 | Flag Reply

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