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Country: UK
Interview Type: In-Person

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- Evaluate the benefits of involving more resources (human/machine) if available.
- Discuss the situation with the existing team members and persuade them to work overtime if that would help speed things up.
- Inform the project stakeholders having done all of the above.
- Discuss the possibility of partial software delivery if applicable.

- Sebouh February 02, 2014 | Flag Reply
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Note : Since you are sure schedule is impacted, it is an issue and not a risk. Pardon me for being too technical with the terms, but just in case you are wondering why I'm calling it that.

Here's what I'd do :

* Check what activities in your WBS are causing the schedule delay
* Check if those activities can be corrected by adding more team members/resources (a.k.a crashing)
* If it can be corrected by crashing, check the budget impact - crashing for majority of instances will increase your budget.
* In your risk/issue meeting, let your team know about this issue and the options you have thought of. Check if your team has more options.
* If crashing is still the only option, involve relevant stakeholders for the budget & communication.
* Log lessons learned.

* If crashing is not an option and this is an inevitability do the following :
* Can scope be cut to meet the schedule ?
* Else, inform the delay to the stakeholders respectively - technical team, project sponsor, et. al.
* Re-baseline the project
* Log lessons learned.

Note : In some cases you might have to re-visit if this project should even continue further.

Hope this helped :)

- Nikhil July 18, 2014 | Flag Reply
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Assess the risk and perform risk based testing. Communicate the same to business and project manager. If more time available perform adhoc testing

- Bharanidharan S April 17, 2014 | Flag Reply

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