Amazon Interview Question for Technical Support Engineers

Team: AWS
Country: United States
Interview Type: In-Person

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Interesting question.

+ Capacity of a floppy disk = 1.44MBytes
+ The best speed in writing to magnetic media is achieved for sequential writes. Assume no limitations in cpu and memory (1.44mb seems trivial even on older computers).
+ So, the time to fill up a floppy is proportional to sequential write speed to the magnetic media on floppy drive. This is all I could say initially.

So, I went to wikipedia and found that we can safely assume raw write speed to floppy drives to be 1000Kbits/sec OR 125 KBytes/sec. Assuming a file system sitting on top takes 0% cost, to fill up 1.44MB with sequential write speed of 1000KB/sec, it will take roughly 12 secs.

- smallchallenges March 04, 2014 | Flag Reply
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wikipedia: The raw maximum transfer rate of 3 1⁄2-inch HD floppy drives and interfaces, disregarding overheads, is as much as 1000 kilobits/s.

1000Kb = 125KB

wikipedia: 3 1⁄2-inch HD Capacity 1.44 MB (2.0 MB unformatted)

1.44MB/125KB = 1.44 * 1024 (M = 1024K not 1000K) / 125 = 11.80s approximately 12s

- mahdi.oraei March 04, 2014 | Flag Reply
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Question: What Is The Difference Between 8086 And 8088?
Answer :

The BIU in 8088 is 8-bit data bus & 16- bit in 8086.Instruction queue is 4 bytes long in 8088and 6 bytes in 8086.

in 8086:

instruction buffer q(ibq) is 6bytes
address bus 20 bit, data bus 16-bit
pin 28 is io'/m ' stand 4 bar.
be' is present.
in 8088:

ibq 4 bytes
address bus 16 bit, data bus 8 bit.
pin 28 io/m'
no, be'

- <a href="">Acer support service</a> February 16, 2018 | Flag Reply
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Great piece on Amazon Interview Question for Technical Support Engineers , I’m a fan of the ‘flowery’ style Looking forward to more long form articles ??

I have AWS ec2 six instance for 3 year subscription and type is c4.xlarge for purpose of web-server. due to high usage of RAM/CPU/IO, we wanted extend capacity means resizes resources for existing c4.xlarge to c42xlarge type. may I know the how much extra cost we need to pay for each instance. if we want resize ec2 instances.

Super likes !!! for this amazing post. I thinks everyone should bookmark this.

Thanks and Regards

- Radhey June 09, 2018 | Flag Reply

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