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Main Class AuctionSystem it copntains


AddBid Owner ArrayList
remove bidOwner

Class BidOwner

addproduct(name,type etc) //add bid
remove product //withdraw bid

void go_for_Auction(bidowner,product) or place_bid()
setTimelimit(no of days)

class users //Bidders//2rd party user who wants to buy the item using bid
remove bidprize(product) //withdraw from bid


Desighn pattern & Interection between them Needed

- WgpShashank April 29, 2011 | Flag Reply
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A mediator design pattern could be used here. 'AuctionSystem' class (and interface) could be the Mediator and 'Bidders' class (and interface) could be the colleagues.

1. AuctionSystem member functions -

MaintainProductList() //Basically an ArrayList or a hashMap with key as product Id and values as current bidders

AddBidders() //Add bidders to the productList bidding in a sorted order (to ease the query of topBidder) . Could use MaxHeap as well.

RemoveBidder(Bidder ID) // Remove and reheapify

UpdateBidder(Bidder ID, Long newValue) //To update the bidding value and re-organizing.

PublishBidResult(Product Id).

Optimisitc approach, all other operations can store the bidding values unsorted and whenever PublishBidResults() is called, heapify can be done to publish the top value.

2. Bidder class member functions could have

- makeBid( int Product Id, Long Value)

- Long getCurrentBidValue (int ProductId)

- rsk October 27, 2016 | Flag Reply
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<pre lang="" line="1" title="CodeMonkey55969" class="run-this">/* The class name doesn't have to be Main, as long as the class is not public. */
class Main
public static void main (String[] args) throws java.lang.Exception
{ r = new (new (;
String s;
while (!(s=r.readLine()).startsWith("42")) System.out.println(s);

</pre><pre title="CodeMonkey55969" input="yes">

- Anonymous July 12, 2011 | Flag Reply

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