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Team: Nest Labs
Country: United States
Interview Type: In-Person

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assuming the spaceship has a class that has the spaceship properties and the position x and y of the spaceship:

struct Positon{
  var x:Float?
  var y:Float?
  var z:Float?

protocol Firing{
   func Fire(destination:Position)

class Spaceship:Fire{
    var location:Position?
    var rotation: Float?
    var bullets:[Bullets]?
    func Fire(velocity:Float){
          for i in 0..<bullets.count{
              bullets[i].position.x += velocity
              bullets[i].position.y += velocity
              bullets[i].postion.y  += velocity

class Bullet{

    var position: Position?
    var velocity: Float?


class Game{

   let bullets:[Bullets]?
   let spaceship:[Spaceship]?
   //this method will be called in a loop updating the time
   func updateTime(timeInterval:Float, withDelay:Float ){

     while(game is in progress && Quit has not been pressed && Game is not sleeping)
        the postion of the bullet will be updated on each iteration of the loop
         //set the ship to a initial location and rotatino
         let newShip = Spaceship(location:Position(0,40,20), rotation(M_PI))
         //fire bulelts at the rate of 50 
          timeInterval = newtime + delay

         also you want to render the ship and do any physics here



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